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Industry Updates & Happenings

Although harvest continues to keep growers busy, some pecan industry folks found time to start new projects and host events.

The Discovery Channel show "How It's Made" is producing an episode about pecans that follows our favorite nut from farm to table. The Canadian film crew, made up of four, had spent over a month in Texas filming different episodes. Sorrells Farms in Comanche, Texas was one their stop for pecans. (Photos by Blair Krebs)


HOW IT’S MADE, OCT. 2017— While filming the harvesting process at Sorrells Farms, the film crew worried over the possibility of standing in fire ants and asked the Texans present, multiple times, if they were. It’s safe to say, they escaped unscathed. (Photos by Blair Krebs)


HOW IT’S MADE, OCT. 2017— Kinley and Gayland Sorrells guide pecan along a conveyor belt at Sorrells Farms cleaning plant in Comanche, Texas during the “How It’s Made” filming process. After finishing up all their pecan filming, the crew traveled to outside Waco to start working on an episode about cotton. (Photos by Blair Krebs)


HOW IT’S MADE, OCT. 2017— After adjusting the cleaning plant’s lighting, the film crew for “How It’s Made” gathered around different machines to capture the cleaning process. The team then went to in Goldthwaite, Texas to film the shelling of pecans. (Photos by Blair Krebs)


TRI-AGRI, OCT. 2017— Tri-Agri Farm Center hosts a grower and harvester meeting every year in Coleman, Oklahoma. At the event, members of the Hamilton family, owners of Tri-Agri, give growers tours of their cleaning facility so that they can see how their pecans will be processed. This picture shows a few of the machines, modified by Dan Hamilton, that clean a sample of each crop. (Photos by Catherine Clark)


TRI-AGRI EVENT, OCT. 2017— After the tour, growers and guests gather at the Coleman Community Center, where the Matthew Hamilton serves up a delicious dinner. This year’s meal consisted of brisket, sausage, potato salad, coleslaw and a German chocolate pecan bar. (Photo by Catherine Clark)